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Xbox 360 Hardware Failure – How to Prevent and Fix Xbox 360 Hardware Failure

So you think (or know) you’re Xbox 360 is giving you some warning signs of imminent destruction? Maybe you’ve had a game glitch out or the screen freeze up recently, or maybe you’ve even seen the dreaded 3 red lights. In this Article I’m going to discuss the most common warning signs of Xbox 360 hardware failure and how you can avoid and even fix them.The Most common stages of Xbox 360 hardware failure are:
o Freeze Ups
o Disrupted Sound Quality
o Black Screen – The Console only responds to manually resetting itAnd finally…
o 3 Red Lights (the Red Ring of Death)Prevent It
Now if your Xbox 360 is still working, but is giving you the common warning signs of upcoming hardware failure there are a few preventative measures you can take to stop them.1. Make sure the Xbox 360 is in a well ventilated area. Most 360 hardware issues can be traced back to poor ventilation. This means pull the box out of that crowded cubby hole and make sure it can get plenty of air.2. Make sure your power supply isn’t damaged. Often times a bad power supply can contribute to the above warning signs and can even (in some cases) give you the Red Ring of Death.3. Invest in a cooling system for your console. It’s worth the money, trust me. If you can’t afford it, aim some small fans on the console to help ventilate it.If all else fails… How to Fix it
If you’re still getting freeze ups, or gurgled sound after you try the things above, then you probably have some components inside the Xbox that have become damaged due to excess heat. Now, before you go shell out over a hundred dollars to have Microsoft fix your box, consider repairing it yourself for under 30.As complex as it may seem, home Xbox 360 repair has become a very popular alternative. It’s very easy. If you have an hour, a screwdriver, and the ability to follow an instructional video, then this will save you over $100 and you can have your Xbox 360 up and running today! (As opposed to waiting on Microsoft for 4-6 weeks).So if you think you might be facing Xbox 360 hardware failure, then try my quick tips. If all else fails, invest in an Xbox 360 Repair Guide.